Czech Paraplegics Association - CZEPA is the NGO helping wheelchair users with spinal cord injury (SCI). It was established in 1990. In CZEPA we believe that everyone has the same right to live normal life – including family, work and other activities regardless of whether they have handicap or not.

Our mission

Protect rights and interests of wheelchair users with SCI and create conditions for their full valuable life and achieve integration into majority society.

Our projects

Information a counseling service for wheelchair users; Counseling in the field of social welfare, legal, a compensatory aid, medical and rehabilitation care, wheelchair accessible adjustment, health complication prevention, advocacy interventions.

Training employment for wheelchair users with SCI – the charity shop Hvězdný bazar; Shop assistant jobs are intended for young wheelchair users, who did not finished education due to injury, couldn’t get working experience or who can’t continue in their former career.

Starting housing; 5 starting flats are intended for wheelchair users, who are shortly after spinal cord injury and who want live actively from very beginning. During 1 year stay they can arrange their own housing and prepare for independent living.

Sheltered housing for tetraplegics; The wheelchair users with arm paralysis learn during 2 years stay to be self – reliance and live with no dependence on their relatives and an institutions. 

VozejkMap; The cell phone and web app offers map, navigation and information about wheelchair accessible places all over the ČR and abroad. It enables wheelchair users to plan their journey to avoid difficulties and to travel independently. It helps to look up an accessible café or a toilet for instance. Data are loaded and verified by wheelchair users themselves.; Community wheelchair users portal. Users can find there help, advices,  other wheelchair users experience,  expert counsels, inspiration, invitations, offers a and the tips related to life in a wheelchair.

Banal Fatal - banal situation, fatal consequence; Preventive campaign against spinal cord injuries. Campaign includes TV spots and interactive workshops for kids, youngsters, teachers and leisure time activities pedagogues.

The public enlightenment campaigns; Aims to increase awareness about wheelchair users, their life and needs.  

Compensatory aid and cars adapted for special manual driving rental service;

Educational program for experts;

Cooperation with doctors, experts and legislators focused on social and health care quality improvement;

We systematically create jobs for wheelchair users. Twelve of 20 our employees use wheelchair.  


Česká asociace paraplegiků - CZEPA, z.s.

Dygrýnova 816/8
Praha 14 - Černý Most
198 00

Provozní doba:
po - pá: 8:00 - 16:00 hod.

+420 775 980 952

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CZEPA´s patron

Karel Schwarzenberg